John D Tillotson – CPAGB Prints

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I would like to acknowledge the tremendous help I had when working towards this award from my fellow-members of the P&DCC Distinctions Group and its knowledgeable and helpful leader, Les Ayres. This help ranged from being gently told which images were not up to standard – and how to work on images and print them to best advantage.

Now (at last) to my images. I thought that if I had luck on the day I might just scrape the award.

To get 200 in total I needed an average score of 20 per print – I kept a running total as to how close I was to that.

Image Title Score (Score-20) Cumulative (Score-20) Thoughts
1 Bog-bean 22 +2 +2 Les had warned me this was a ‘brave and courageous’ choice.

If my worst one gets 22 – this will be easy

2 Chapter House ceiling 17 -3 -1 So that’s the one they don’t like.
3 Sweeping Spots 20 0 -1 OK – just good enough. At least the plummeting score has stopped.
4 Watching over 17 -3 -4 Another one they don’t like – DOOM
5 A balanced view 22 +2 -2 Perhaps they are discerning judges after all. Maybe there’s hope.
6 Nature’s Clock 21 +1 -1 A previous ‘Dandelion Clock’ image only got 17 – so this is good
7 Eastwards and Upwards 21 +1 0 So they like ‘arty-farty’ images
8 Is tea ready yet? 24 +4 +4 Yes!!!! Dereliction is still in fashion
9 Café in the Colonnade 22 +2 +6 I’m feeling more confident now.
10 Evening light at Seahouses 19 -1 +5 Don’t they know this is my best image? Still, it doesn’t matter now, I’ve got it. Yesssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!

Shortly after the day I got through the post my blue CPAGB badge and my entry-form with the scores on.

I’m told my certificate will arrive soon.

For my own use, I’m going to have an A4 photo-book made containing my images.

You may very well see some of these images again in club competitions.