Panels – for the Millennium Trophy competition 2017/18

by John D Tillotson CPAGB PPSA, P&DCC Secretary

After some requests for information on the panel submission for the Millennium Trophy, here are some details. There will be a more detailed explanation on panels in the meeting on Wednesday 18th October 2017 by Les Ayres, who is to be the judge of the competition.

The panel is to be made up of three unmounted prints – each with a maximum size of A4, either landscape or portrait.

The panel will be judged and assessed as a whole, not as individual prints; as such there should be a single title for the whole triptych of images.

The idea of this panel of prints is to submit a set of images with a common theme, subject, link or story. They should also work together in terms of colour and/or tones and presentation.

One thing to consider might be ‘balance’ – if the left-hand image has a property, perhaps the right-hand one could have the same property – e.g. a dark image, or looking out from the centre of the panel, or landscape format rather than portrait.

As in any other print competition, print quality is important.

The prints should be marked on the back with the usual information – AND with their position WHEN VIEWED FROM THE FRONT (usually ‘left’, ‘centre’ and ‘right’ but can be ‘top’ ‘middle’ and ‘bottom’).

Here are two examples: