Tuesday Club Opening Night

Tuesday 9th October saw the first night of this season’s Tuesday Club, a series of beginners workshops for anyone interested in amateur photography.  As always the course is fully booked and there were 18 people in attendance, made up of both existing members of PDCC and the public.

The workshop took place from 7.30pm-9pm and included information on:

  • Different types of cameras (bridge, mirrorless, crop-sensor & full frame).
  • What to look for when buying a lens.
  • Protecting & cleaning our camera.
  • RAW v JPEG file formats.
  • Things to think about before taking a picture.
  • How to hold a camera.
  • Functions of the main buttons & dials.

This was followed by a brief over-view of the subjects we will be covering during the rest of the course.

Thanks go to John Tillotson, Les Ayres & Jo Knight for organizing and running the workshops and Dave Robinson for his help on the night.