Best in Show

Congratulations to Jo Knight who has been awarded a Gold Medal at an International Salon in Belgium for her conceptual image of a Child Bride.  The photo was also awarded the medal for Best in Show (colour prints) and graces the front of the Exhibition catalogue.

Jo was also awarded a Photographic Society of America highly commended ribbon for her Evacuee picture in the same Salon.  She’s recently visited the Ikea website looking for a bigger shelving unit 😀

International photography Salons are a good place to showcase the photographs you’ve accumulated over the past year (what else do we do with them?!) and to keep your hand in at competitions during the summer break.  You may find that pictures which didn’t do so well in Camera Club competitions may do better in Salons (and vice versa!) as different countries and judges like different styles of images.

There are a variety of categories such as monochrome, open colour, nature, travel, creative or people and you may enter as many, or as few, as you like.  Most Salons are PDI, though a minority are print, and you can enter up to 4 photos per category.  You do have to pay to enter a Salon, anywhere from around £6 right up to £45 depending which Salon you choose and how many categories you enter, so make sure you’re aware of the cost before you commit.  Acceptances into a PSA, BPE or FIAP approved Salon go towards their distinctions.

There is detailed information on Salons, including how to enter, in the Competitions section of our website.