Club Competitions

Competitions, where Member’s photos are critiqued and scored, are popular events at our Club but there is no pressure to enter and you don’t have to submit images for competitions if you’d prefer not to.  Only Members with fully paid up subscriptions for the current season are allowed to enter competitions.

League Competitions

Club competition entries are divided into three Leagues:

  • Club (beginners)
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Most people who join our Club do so in the beginner’s league unless they have pre-existing photography qualifications, distinctions or are deemed to already have a more advanced level of photographic skill – if this is the case please inform our Internal Competition Secretary before entering your first competition.

We have six league competitions per year.  Three print, where photos are printed off and mounted, and three Projected Digital Image (PDI) where digital images are submitted via email, CD or memory stick and projected onto a large screen.  Many of the competitions are ‘open’ with photographs taken on any subject, while some competitions have a set theme or subject matter.

Judges are independent of the Club and entries are shown anonymously so only you know which picture is yours!  Scores range from 11-20 and anyone receiving a mark of 18, 19 or 20 receives a certificate at the end of the evening.  Apart from scoring each image the judge also offers constructive criticism with the aim of helping the photographer to improve his or her picture.

At the end of the season scores are added together and the winning photographer from each League receives a Trophy at our Annual Dinner and promotion to the next League.

Image of the Year

At the end of the season Members are invited to send in their favourite print and PDI league competition image, regardless of how well it scored, and Club members vote on their favourites.  A Trophy for the Club’s favourite images are then presented to the winners at our Annual Dinner.

Summer Challenge

We have two further competitions.  The Summer Challenge is the first of the season and is made up of PDI images taken during the summer break.  It has a set theme, there are no leagues and it is judged by a member of the Club.  There is one winner who receives a Trophy at our Annual Dinner.

Millennium Trophy

This is an annual competition usually judged in the New Year and also has a set theme.  Again there are no leagues and it is judged by a member of the Club.  There is one winner who receives a Trophy at our Annual Dinner.

Further Information

More detailed information for members and the rules regarding Club competitions can be found in the Member’s Area or if you have any questions members should email the Internal Competitions Secretary.

We hold a mounting workshop in the summer for members who want to learn how to mount a photograph for entry into print competitions.  Mounts have a maximum size of 40cmx50cm, though can be smaller, and should be no more than 3mm thick.  Coloured mounts are discouraged and black, cream and white are the most popular choices.  Companies like Paper Spectrum provide pre-cut mount board at reasonable prices and you will also need a backing sheet and some slim double-sided sticky tape.  Our next mounting workshop will take place on Saturday 6th October in Appleby.