External Competitions

There are several ‘external’ competitions in which we compete either as individuals or as a team representing the club. Two examples of the latter include the Western Area Battle held in November in which we submit both prints and digital images which are judged against the 8 camera clubs in our region. There is also a Three Way Fun Battle run on similar lines between Penrith, Keswick and Carlisle Clubs. Our policy is to feature just one picture per person so that we get the maximum involvement of the club.

Other competitions which you enter as an individual include the Northern Counties Annual which is free and also the NCPF International, Great Britain Small Prints and the Solway small prints international. The last three involve a small entry fee but your entries can be collected for you.

Entering competitions is a great way to develop your skills and is good fun

Please contact John Williams for further details, he will be happy to help you with your entries.

NCPF 2012 Bewick Trophy smaller NCPF 2012 Myles Audas Trophy smaller