PDCC Competitions

Competitions are a vital activity of the club. It gives you a chance to view the work of other members, gain constructive criticism from a judge and assess how your work compares to others in the club. We encourage entries from members of all standards. The judging nights are enjoyable and usually thought provoking.

PDCC Internal Competitions

We plan to hold the following internal competitions every year:

  • 3 Projected Digital Image (PDI) Competitions.
  • 3 Print Competitions.
  • Summer Challenge.
  • Millennium Trophy.
  • PDI of the year.
  • Print of the year.
  • Best Image taken on a club outing
  • Audio Visual (AV) Competition

Dates for submission and judging are published in the program. Additionally, members will be reminded of forthcoming submission dates.

Internal Competition Rules

See Internal competition Rules


The PDCC has 16 trophies which are awarded annually. For details of each of the club trophies see PDCC Trophies


Points are awarded for all internal competitions except the AV competition. These points are accumulated over the year and presented in a ladder format. Trophies will be awarded for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the ladder.

See Internal Competition Results for current ladder positions and competition scores

Trophies Nominated Genres

We also award 3 trophies for the highest points in nominated genres. See Competition Notices for details on this years Nominated Genres

Genre points can be accumulated with entries to any of the internal competitions listed above, except the AV Competition. Further details of how PDIs/Prints can be submitted for Genre points can be found in Internal competition Rules

Competing against other clubs

As a club we compete against other clubs in two competitions

  • Three Way Battle. PDCC competes against Keswick and Carlisle Photographic Clubs. Hosting rotates annually between the three clubs. The Host Club provides a venue and arranges an external judge. The rules of the competition are not always under our control, but we are normally required to submit 15 PDIs.
  • Western Area Battle. In this competition we compete with Prints and PDIs against 8 other camera clubs in our region.

It is our club policy to select each image from a different member. Further details of requirements and how images will be selected by the club will be advertised prior to the competition entry

Northern Counties Photographic Federation Annual Competition

PDCC is affiliated to the Northern Counties Photographic Federation. There is an annual competition which is free and open to our members. It normally includes prints and PDIs. Further details of requirements will be advertised prior to the competition entry.